patio cover with multiwall polycarbonate sheets

Easy and accessible solution

In order to make spaces more accessible in all weather conditions, our customer considered build a patio with Polycomp windows and Policarb roof. The lights materials didn't require high-load structural elements. This means cost-efficient and fast realization! The panels allow the light to pass through for a natural-warm space during the winter and, during the summer, fresh air with it's easy removable Policomp panels that allow to transform the patio in an open space.

Policomp and Policarb

For this project the customer used a Policarb 10mm Opal and Policomp 6mm clear. The thickness of the Policarb panels satisfay all the snow/wind load requirements in the country the house is. The H Aluminum H Structure profile, chosen by the customer, allow a secure and more safe installation to the structure and the Polycarbonate U profile for the edge of the Panles, ensure a clean and good looking at the patio.
10mm Polycarbonate sheet