Colorful Wall
Polycarbonate Colorful Wall

Polycarboante Wall for Bar and Coffe shop!

In the middle of a park there were a ruined building. Costs for properly rebuild the whole building were to high. This studio architecture decided to leave just some elements of the old building and requalify it in a fast and cost-effecient way: using polycarbonate instead of cement and stones! The result is amazing and a new coffe shop has opened. The colorful polycarbonate sheets chosen are perfect combined with the environment and ensure daylight to penetrate into the building: this saves on artificial lighting during the day.

Arcoplus 626 and 626 Reverso

This series of Arcoplus interlocking systems come in two version, 626 and 626 reverso. The only difference is the way you mount it: one has the click-on system on the top surface, the other at the bottom. They come with a 6 walls design with a snap-on connection that, with its aluminum profile, guarantee the load capacity of the entire system and a perfectly watertight seal.
ArcoPlus 626 polycarbonate modular sytem