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  1. Garden Patio

    Garden Patio
    Polycarbonate sheet 10mm

    Easy and fast installation, beautiful look

    Polycarbonate panels are very easy to install and, since they are lightweight, they require less structural support than glass and they can be installed on wood, aluminum or steel frame. For this
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  2. Colorful Wall

    Colorful Wall
    Polycarbonate Colorful Wall

    Polycarboante Wall for Bar and Coffe shop!

    In the middle of a park there were a ruined building. Costs for properly rebuild the whole building were to high. This studio architecture decided to leave just some elements of the o
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  3. Greenhouse

    Greenhouse and Polycarbonate Sheets

    The perfect product for your Greenhouse

    Polycarbonate glazing is the perfect material for your greenhouse: its tranlucent and thermal properties ensure the right ambient for your products or lives inside. Polycarbona
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  4. Carport Polycarbonate Roof

    Carport Polycarbonate Roof
    carport polycarbonate roof

    Infinite way of utilization

    A polycarbonate carport roof let the natural light in. It offers high-performance protection and compared to metal roofing options, it is lightweight, strong and virtually unbreakable. It is ideal for
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  5. Polycarbonate House Walls

    Polycarbonate House Walls
    Translucent polycarbonate wall ArcoPlus 547

    ArcoPlus 547

    arcoPlus®547 is a modular system of coextruded 7 walls polycarbonate panels with a thickness of 40mm, aluminum profiles, accessories and opening windows, designed for simple and versatile use. arcoPlus®547 c
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  6. Residential Privacy Screen

    Residential Privacy Screen
    Polycarbonate Translucent Privacy ScreenPolycarbonate Privacy Screen

    Privacy with no compromise

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  7. Patios

    patio cover with multiwall polycarbonate sheets

    Easy and accessible solution

    In order to make spaces more accessible in all weather conditions, our customer considered build a patio with Polycomp windows and Policarb roof. The lights materials didn't require high-lo
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