arcoPlus® 324: 20mm, 4 Walls

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arcoPlus®324 is a versatile modular system of 4 walls with a thickness of 20mm and a width of 13.11"

Each arcoPlus®324 panel has a fixed length of 333mm or 13.11inches. It is the perfect solution for vertical application like windows, walls and glazing application. With its tongue and groove connection, the panel can be installed without the use of metal reinforcement frames ensuring watertight seal. For installations exceeding 1.5m a section-breaker profile, to which the arcoPlus® can then be fixed, must be installed to give the system the necessary resistance.

More Information
Thickness (mm) 25mm
Structure 4 Walls
Weight (lbs/sf) 0.78
Light Transmission 70%
R-Factor 3.125
U-Value 0.32
Manufacturer GallinaUSA